Friday, 17 December 2010

Change of Direction

"Out of the Heat"

What is it about this time of year that sets  most of us thinking about where we are in our lives and where we are going? Or is that just me!  I am looking back at an incredible year and wondering how on earth so much has happened in it. I started 2010 with wonderfully exciting news of being a finalist in the David Shepherd "Wildlife Artist of the Year" Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London with a painting of an elephant and strangely enough I may be ending 2010 on the same theme! I am painting elephants again for a gallery. Having just returned from South Africa I am drawm to wonderful  subjects that give me the feeling of being back there even if it is just via my paintbrush.

I truly have had such a fabulous year. At times I cannot take in all that has happened from my book launch again at the Mall Galleries in London to becoming a full member of the SWA, Society of Women Artists. I now have major projects coming my way for 2011 and 2012.

My head is spinning from so many wonderful events to look forward to next year. So much so that I am finding it hard to focus on Christmas but I must as presents and gifts for family and friends need wrapping. I have been asked what I would like for Christmas. I honestly don't want anything at all because this year has felt like Christmas all the way through. Theres been non stop excitement and happy events, one following the other with amazing email messages and phone calls offering me brilliant new opportunities.

I couldn't ask for a single thing.  Not for me, anyway.

So instead of wishing for something for myself I would like to wrap up all the love and happy experiences I have been given so that others may have the very best of  times this Christmas instead. And an even more fantastic 2011 to follow. 

That would make me the happiest  person in the world if everyone around me could feel as happy as I do!

And as blessed.


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Roy The Artist said...

Well I am happy Jean! My painting has taken a huge leap forward this year, and you were the inspiration and catalyst! Wishing you even more success in the New Year, have a fine Christmas as well.