Friday, 3 December 2010

Seeing Red!

"Who Dares Wins"
 Section of a new horse racing scene  from a new collection 

Having returned from South Africa this week it has been so wonderful to hear from galleries who showcase my watercolours. I need to complete new collections for 2011 and as many subjects have sold out I find myself wishing I had more time. My cat paintings all have new homes and there are no more in my studio. Even I don't own one now as my last piece for sale was from my private collection. I was asked recently what my best selling subjects were. I honestly don't have one because I believe it is the colour and energy in the brushstrokes that somehow  seem to appeal.

This morning as I look out of my studio window I am surrounded by  beautiful countryside covered in a blanket of white snow. I see white everywhere. My young Bearded Collie, Bailey is sat by my side eagerly wishing for me to put my brushes down and take him for a walk. Before I do I mentally warm my artists soul with brilliant vibrant reds as seen  in this bold background of a new horse racing scene.
Because while I walk and take in the  freezing surroundings and blue, cold, icy shades in my mind I can easily skip back into a warm hot studio with reds and golds making all my subjects burst into life in the most energetic of ways.

Today is a day to paint in red. Poppies, Cockerels, Tomatoes, Roses and many more HOT subjects.

I can't wait to pick up my brush, 
How about you?


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Noemí said...

Stunning color! Love your work Jean!