Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Good bye 2010

"Catching Up"
Original Watercolour 2010

My last blog entry of 2010 and I have chosen wisely. The title "Catching Up" of the above painting seems to have been suitable for my daily life from January to December 2010.  I have constantly been on the go and aiming to catch up at times. I look back and cannot believe how I have managed to achieve so much in one year or juggled my time to accomplish what I have.
I started 2010 working on a cottage which I have now moved into. So behind the scenes when everyone assumed I was working on exhibitions or my book I was also planning and designing a home. We have just spent a magical first Christmas in our cottage and all the work involved  has been so worthwhile. It is a home with the feeling of warmth the minute you walk in through the entrance. It welcomes you and begs you to stay. Just like a good painting or a true friendship.

In life we often race from one day to the next, or one task to the next and even one visit to the next with friends or family. Rarely taking the time to really enjoy or savour a single minute.

Whilst painting so many subjects  over the last twelve months nothing has made me look at life more so than my horse racing scenes which are now becoming sought after and popular  by collectors. I feel them come alive when I move my brush. Each colour makes an impact only by the colour its is placed next to. As are our lives enriched by the people in them.

When I come towards the end of a horse racing scene my brushstrokes quicken and my heart races as I feel the horses and riders moving towards me. There is a heady excitement of who is going to win or be in the lead. And with one final touch it is over. The piece is complete and ready to leave me. The journey in creation was magic. Each minute while I was in tune with the scene was magic. These feelings of being so alive I never want to lose. The joy of holding my brush is a privilege I never take for granted.

As with my family, loved ones and friends.The simple woodland walk with my eldest son taking photographs this Christmas,the hilarious laughter with my youngest son over our cat  making wierd squeaking noises whilst watching birds through a window were minutes I will treasure. Little things like a hug and hearing the word "Mum" touch my heart in a way I will probably never mention out loud.

" Mum"

No matter how hard I work, or how often I paint, or  how many achievements I  accomplish or dreams I see come true,my life is only rich because I love and I am loved. This emotion I place in my work.


I wish you the happiest of New Years.

 On New Years Eve I would like you to take a minute and allow yourself time to close your eyes and make one small wish for yourself for 2011. Just one so that you start the next twelve months allowing yourself the luxury of time for you. Even if it is just the minute that you make the wish.

And my wish is that your wish comes true.

God Bless and Happy New Year.


As I am already working on 2011 projects and research my next blog entry will be mid January. I am working on a new web site, have three charity events coming up and have been approached for 2011 exhibitions. I am  thoroughly loving writing my second book which is excitingly. It is full of wonderful techniques which I hope will have everyone racing for their brushes trying very new ideas to capture a large variety of subjects. February 2011 is going to be a very exciting month and I hope to share news on this when I return to my blog next year. For now I am taking a short break and would like to thank everyone so much for being a part of my watercolour journey in so many ways.

Happy painting!




a woman who is said...

I have so enjoyed discovering your blog and your art this year. Please keep blogging and sharing all the joy and excitement you have for watercolors.

Looking forward to hearing more about your D.S. experiments, and hoping and praying for a workshop in the P.N.W. =]

Congrats on your year of dreams coming true!

Tim Robinson said...

Very inspiring work you have here!