Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Hundreth Card

Robin appearing from a wash

I am listening to friends complaining about writing Christmas Cards. The same words are mentioned repeatedly. How long it takes to write them and how busy everyone is. This morning I sat quietly signing the hundreth card with more to still write messages on. I have even had to order extra as I underestimated how our friendships have grown over the years. 

I look at the Christmas list with names of friends we have known for years. Many live far away in distant lands. We only catch up in person occasionally because of the travelling involved to see each other. Each name brings back such happy memories of when we lived abroad in Asia and Dubai. Of my time living in France where I met such incredble friends who almost adopted me and made me a part of their families and way of life. I have friends from before I was married and friends since then. My art journey has led me into a world where  I exchange ideas constantly with those who are as passionate about art as I am. I have galleries who have supported me  from when I first started painting to the new ones who have taken me on as an emerging artist.

My life is very full and I know I am very blessed which is why I sign each card with a beaming smile.

Yes for now I am not painting  as often as I usually do. I am taking time out to let people in my life know they mean so much to me. Without each card to send from my list I would be poorer in spirit.

So while I sign my hundreth card and look at the pile yet to write I will not complain.

Instead I will think of all the lonely people in the world who wish they too had to take so much time over a list of friends that seem to take forever to contact at this time of year. I will think of the poor who can't even afford a card to send or give to a loved one. I will think of those who will not savour the luxury of a Christmas as we know it.  And I will especially think of those who have lost loved ones at this time of year. For them Christmas will never be the same.

To everyone reading my blog, thank you so much for taking the time to be here. I do appreciate every one of you and even though I often fly through  after posting a quick message I read every reply, every email and every warm wish. And I am grateful for each one.

Thank you.

Life is so short. Far too short not to let people know you care.

God Bless and please enjoy writing your Christmas cards.


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a woman who is said...

Lovely post, I am going to get to those cards now for sure. I love your thankful, grateful, full of life and living heart. It shows in your work and in your writing.

Blessings to you and yours this holiday season!