Saturday, 4 December 2010

Don't Move!

Ginger Cat Appearing from Colour Placement and Intentional Brushstrokes

Never paint a moving subject. More importantly don't expect a non moving subject with four legs to sit still for long and pose for you!

Our Ginger male cat has become totally mesmerised with watching birds fly in and out of a bird box we placed on our cottage wall  when we fist moved in last Srping. It hasn't been occupied until now. From our window we have a clear view of little winged beings flitting in and out on an almost hourly basis.  Buster sits and stares longingly with huge green eyes. His expression seems more of disappointment in that they are too high for him to catch even if he was outside. This was our intention when we placed the little bird house safely out of his way.

His eyes are either absolutely wide open like saucers or narrow as in  almond shaped slits. He turns to study me now and then with an expression I think I would rather not  try to work out! On these occasions trying to simply catch his pose and character in mid day sunlight is so tempting.

It doesn't matter if I have a finished painting or not.The information from these moments lead to far better results when I paint from photographs or memory later on. I am on a mission to make my work as life like as possible. I want excitement,emotional impact and vibrant fusions of colour in every single piece.  I don't want any to look similar.Which means I am constantly on adventures into exploring new techniques and ways to paint familiar sights.

Having said that this quick study from yesterday really looks wonderful in my studio this morning. I wonder if  Buster will pose again for me at mid day? 

It would be so great to finish this from life rather than my imagination!


Watercolour Workshops 2011 Update

Please contact me directly for  full information on my  watercolour sessions next year.There are now only a few places available for one day workshops but a new two day seminar will become available shortly. This will be suitable for artists travelling from abroad as it will be held in a wonderful hotel in gorgeous Hampshire countryside. Places however are stricly limited and it is only going to take place twice next year. More news on this later.


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