Sunday, 5 December 2010

Art For Life

Exciting Start to a Cockerel Painting
SWA,Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition
From a Demonstration at the Mall Galleries,London in Summer 2010

At this time of year so many of us look forward to Christmas. Surprises are around every corner as we open cards  from friends and gift shop for special loved ones. I found myself  realizing to the artist it almost feels as though it is Christmas every single day.

We face white sheets of paper on which gorgeous surprises in vibrant colour occur in watercolour. At the beginning of a painting our hopes are like looking at an unopened present. We have no idea what the gift inside will be and our anticipation is high. To remove the wrapping in one way removes all the excitement. The build up to imagining what is inside is so pleasurable. Once we know what is inside as much as we love the present all the anticipation and precious feeling of excitement has gone.

For me a half finished painting is just like that unopened present. Something full of hope with the added joy of looking forward to the outcome from unwrapping it.

We are so lucky to feel such passion when we work with colour and brushstrokes.

We have the ability to create happiness for ourselves and others around us.

All year long.

Art is not just for Christmas.

It is for life.

And how wonderful that life can be!


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jgr said...

Very well said! I agree that every blank page is a gift waiting to be created! Your work is so beautiful and inspiring, thank you for sharing it.