Monday, 6 December 2010

This Time Of Year

Robin appearing from the initial brushtrokes and colour placement.

This Time Of Year

It has started. That wonderful feeling of Christmas being around the corner. The anticipation of sharing days with family and friends.Thinking about the preparation necessary to make the weeks ahead special for all I know. I love it!

Every year I  face the same dilema. I need to paint for galleries, features and charity cards. My own Christmas card design is always at the bottom of the list waiting to be fitted in and I am always given hints of what the subject should be. Two years ago I painted our a scene of our cottage as it was in its' original state. Last year I knew in my heart it could be Taffy, our gorgeous Bearded Collies last Christmas with us. I chose to paint him in a Santa hat to make everyone smile.

This year I think everyone has been expecting a cockerel with a santa hat on from me! But I have been followed by a cheeky robin everywhere in our garden. It sits on the car door when you open it as you arrive home each day. It eagerly follows me when I feed the ducks and I always find something to give him. He has become a family friend.

This morning sat in snow outside my window "Rocky" Robin looked fluffy and round. He leaned forwards as if to see if I was making my way to the door to feed him. His pose was so cute against a misty snowy background. I found myself immersed in capturing his tiny expression and beady eye that shone full of life and expectancy.

He makes a wonderful subject and as I am determined to paint with red shades this week he fits into my schedule beautifully!


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