Thursday, 9 December 2010

Racing Against Time

Race Horse from a larger painting

 I love all the wonderful emails I am receiving regarding my book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" and recent appearance on TV.  I am now working on my second book and projects for next year which will keep me very firmly and happily creating in my studio.

Several galleries have contacted me recently. Favourite subjects seem to be taking a life of their own which again is very wonderful. Considering I was once known for painting faces and camels when I lived in Dubai it is amazing how my new area of subject matter has evolved but it isn't surprising that I love painting movement. In Dubai I would spend hours watching the camel races there, loving the sound as well as the sight of action.
We also owned a race horse at that time. Standing in the owners enclosure and watching the horses as they sped around the track became a thrilling experience. 

Nothing beats painting from life or the feeling of trying to re capture a thrilling moment in your life.

From the Original watercolour "Catching Up"



Rajeev Mohan said...

Gorgeous paintings!

Vinayak said...

Your work is absolutely outstanding. I am so thrilled and happy to discover your blog. Your work is full of spontaneity and life.
My best wishes,

helen said...

Like the colors very much!