Monday, 6 December 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Robin Appearing in Snow

Painting robins is now a bug that has hit me. I started painting a robin yesterday after watching the tame one that visits our garden daily.While our cottage was being renovated this cheeky little character would daily take bread from the builders hands. Many deliberately brought special sandwich fillings that they knew he would enjoy. During that time it was so much fun coming here and  listening to what  "Rocky" as he soon became christened had been up to. When the cottage was complete Rocky had all but moved in. In fact we had to be very careful  about leaving doors or windows open at first as he had  decided he loved living here.

Now Rocky will sit on the car door when you come home and eagerly appear when anyone walks into the garden as he is  always hopeful he may get a treat.

Rocky tempted by left over dog food in Baileys bowl.

I have loved the wonderful poses on a number of objects that Rocky has delightfully given me over the last few days in the snow fall. He has sat on tree trunks, benches, plant pots, holly brances laden with red berries, watering cans. In fact he has given me a million ideas for paintings for Christmas cards.

For now I will settle with this classic. 
A fluffed up robin on a log!



bonne destination said...

This is just lovely, Jean.

A Brush with Color said...

sweetness! I love the little birds, all puffed up against the bitter cold. This is lovely.

bricarwaller said...

Sooooooo Beautiful! I'm just in love with your style:)