Wednesday, 18 January 2012

More Primroses in Watercolour 2012

A close up of todays primrose painting.

I knew it!
I knew once I started painting Spring flowers I would become hooked and not think of anything else which is a real worry as I have exhibitions  in the not so distant future where other subjects are more urgently needed.

 New primrose painting developing through layers of colour placement and addition of details.

Having worked on bold  horse racing scenes and my favourite cockerels recently I found  jumping into more subtle, pale, soft shades a welcome challenge at first. I am much happied with todays work. There are ghosts of flowers within the centre and background of each new piece and the colours flow more magically.

I am loving working on the  flower in the foreground of this particular painting as it makes a statement of being the star of the show.

Shadow and petal edge detail brings the first flower to life

By the time Spring really arrives I could be " primrosesd out" at this rate! My studio looks fabulous with flower paintings dotted in every single space. And as always I can't wait for my next painting session to begin.



bonne destination said...

Such wonderfully delicate flower heads, Jean. The petals are paper thin . Lovely.

Jean Haines SWA said...

Thank you so much,they really are gorgeous flowers to paint and quite addictive once I start working with them.

I am thrilled you like this version