Saturday, 21 January 2012

Good Intentions

Studio: Primrose Collection 2012
Using techniques from my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" which will be out in May 2012

My studio right now is full of paintings. Some complete and many waiting for the final brushstrokes. To walk into this haven each day and have gorgeous washes tempting me to work on them is an ideal start to my days.

I have so much on in the way of projects and upcoming exhibitions. Today to enjoy colour flowing, see flowers appearing out of washes and simply allow myself the freedom to enjoy each new brushstroke was heaven.

Over the last week I have communicated with USA and Australia for future workshops.  I have recieved some very touching emails about my work and replied to as many personal messages as I can.

Next week I hope to add to my growing collection of floral work and begin to paint  my next new subjects in a unique experimental style.
Life is great!


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Laura Leeder said...

Great blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts and postive creative energy!
I will continue to follow ....