Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Watercolour Workshops February 2012

Watercolours With Life 
Tuesday 14th February 2012

Floral Flow
Carnations flowing in a free composition.

This week saw the start of my 2012 watercolour Workshops. Tuesday saw them opening with my now popular "Watercolours With Life" session. A one day workshop looking into my style and techniques.  It was a fabulous day with wonderful new artist friends in the room including Mai from Vietnam.  I find it very humbling that I have artists attending my workshops from all over the world and I feel very privileged to meet so many fascinating people through my passion for watercolour.

We covered many subjects and the day flew by as always. I have no idea why the hours in the afternoon always seem so much shorter than those in the morning but all too soon it seems  that the time has come to put our brushes down.

Beating The Blues 
Wednesday 15th February 2012
Working  with only blue.

Today was one of my favourite workshops which is entitled " Beating the Blues". I hold it annually and it is a great session for loosening up,opening the imagination and creating with textural effects. Another fabulous group of artists  attended and you could have heard a pin drop  throughout the painting periods. The concentration and focus on art was really amazing and there were some brilliant paintings created. Everyone left reluctantly at the end of the day,like yesterday, saying what a fabulous time they had had,which is what you want to hear at the close of day.


I thoroughly enjoy holding workshops. I wish I had the time to hold more throughout the year as I meet so many amazing people on them. I inspire and motivate myself as much as those attending and know as a mentor I stretch my own skills via the determination to give everyone a special day to remember.  Due to my exhibition and gallery work, my writing and travelling to demonstrate abroad, my time in UK is now limited but I will continue to teach and the workshop programme for 2013 is already well in hand.

New workshops will be available intended to get everyone  racing for their brushes and  creating  watercolours that are unique and full of life.

For now I need to prepare for my final workshop of the week. A new session called "The Artist in You" and I so wish I could be one of the artists attending so that I could paint on it too. It's going to be a very different day!


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