Friday, 24 February 2012

Amigos Three

"Amigos Three"
Working With Colour

At times when we work through a theme of a chosen subject it becomes natural for an artist to explore the many possibilities for future dramatic compositions.

Ever since I placed the white carnations in a vase in my studio I have become fascinated by their forms which have changed as their lives came to a close. It is quite incredible how a single spray of flowers can spark off  the imagination and lead the mind to a vast collection of watercolours. All on the same theme with the same subject.  And yet all are completely different.

This is how an artist grows. 
By not accepting that the first painting created is the only option. 
Or the best.

Taking one initial painting as a starting point and then moving forward,each time aiming to achieve far more excitement,drama and life than the last can lead us on a fascinating road to discovery.

In a few weeks time I will be filming my new DVD with Townhouse Films. Moving on from the foundation which inlcuded my initial washes in "Amazing Ways With Watercolour".  I hope everyone who watched my first DVD  has studied the techniques and ideas because now it is time to pull them all together in a fascinating way leading to  paintings that are unique and zing with life.

It is going to be a very inspirational year ahead and one that is filled with many ideas for unusual and dramatic watercolours.

I do wish there were more than twenty four hours in one day though as I have so much I wat to paint still and so many new ideas in my mind. I wonder just how much I can fit into a two hour flm!


You can  find details of my DVD "Amazing Ways With Watercolour"on my web site. It is in stock and  making its' way all over the world. This news makes me feel really happy to be sharing my techniques. 

I aim to continue sharing as often and as much as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy.




Sophia Khan said...

This is gorgeous Jean! I really love these vibrant colors. I am enjoying your DVD although I must admit I am having so much fun with the first session in it that it's hard to move on, (although I know it will be worth it:)

Unknown said...

Very beautiful!!! Love the colors and technique. You make it look so easy.

Happy Painting,

Katie Lloyd said...

Wonderful Jean! I can't wait for the next DVD, I watch your first DVD all the time, in fact, its my favourite watercolour DVD of all time.