Thursday, 23 February 2012

Contemporary Abstract

 Watercolour Addiction
No acrylics or inks.
Just pigment and water.

Colour is invading my art. 

My work takes on a whole new meaning as I explore the world of contemporary absracts and I find my artistic soul will not rest. 

In my imagination I consistently see new colour combinations. I yearn for new patterns created by a flow of directional colour placement.  I feel emotion  by visualising the strength of pigment interaction which forms before my eyes as I work.

I remember an elderly friend of Salvador Dali and their grand daughter  from a fabulous trip to Spain some time ago. Dali was the most amazing of artists who could paint absolutely every subject in any style it seemed. I visited the Dali museum and marvelled at his collective realist  paintings.

 However I didn't fully comprehend his more abstract work.
Until now.

Colour  and art seems to become an addiction.

I also believe there comes a point in an artists art joruney where you know exactly what you can do but  a fixation takes over as to what you have not yet discovered.  This is probably where I am at. On a cross roads. At a turning point which I don't partiulcarly want to cross and yet I feel compelled to do so.

 I am interested in the challenge to create glowing colour in compositions that are full of excitement and drama. Maybe there will always be the need to stretch myself and look for something completely new each time I  work in my studio.

And I to be truthful.
I positively love that thought!


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