Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Welcome Sight: Spring Studio

A new Spring collection  on my Easel

I left my stduio last night with an arrangement of paintings on my easel so that I could walk in this morning and be greeted by spring colour and compositions. The weather on my morning walk was freezing and the sky not so blue to tempt my brushes but the gorgeous  watercolours facing me as I opened my studio door soon affected my mood to the point I couldn't wait to get started on my  new collections today.

I am not sure how long this floral mood will last as I always leap from subject to subject but I am certainly enjoying it while I am in this frame of artistic mind!


Great Artist Tips: 

1) Always leave something that you are happy with on your easel to face you when you start your next painting sessions. It boosts your moral, inspires and motivates your imagination and generally makes you feel great! 

2) Always tap into your positives and throw all negatives in the bin where they belong and I mean energy, not just unwanted paintings!

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