Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Painting From Life

Carnations Coming to Life in Watercolour

Yesterday was one of those days when I desperately felt like painting but had a routine dental appointment. I sat in the chair of my hygenist and imagined what I would be  painting on my return to my studio. It is amazing how much time I spend thinking about painting! I can see exactly in my head what I want to achieve and at times it is so frustrating that I cannot get to paper just when I want to. 

During this week I have already painted several flowers but I have been thinking about white carnations for the longest time. I walked past  the village florist yesterday and noticed a spray of white carnations. I was over the moon and raced home to experiment with my new "treasure".

The white flowers sat in buckets in the small shop  alongside many vibrantly coloured arrangements so I am using these as a backdrop to my compositions.

 Soft edges bring life to may painting of a carnation.

My  eye caught many gorgeous flowers so I have other subjects to tempt my brushes all beautifully arranged in my studio and calling to me.

It is time to paint!
A variety of subjects in my studio


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Lisa Graham Art said...

Lovely softness going on there. Happy painting! Hope your brush gets to move a lot the rest of this week!