Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cleaning My Palette

Market Seller: Dubai

At the end of every painting session I clean my palette. But not in the way you may expect. I study whatever diluted shades are left in the deep wells from my working day. These I use on scraps of paper to create small, quick studies.

The intention is to restrict myself with what shades are there. Not allowing myself options of adding new pigment. I also limit time. Only a few minutes are allowed for each study which is brilliant practise for not overworking pieces.

Yesterday I worked a small face in watercolour, a daily routine I used to practise when I lived in Dubai. Whilst there I became fascinated with the wonderfully characteristic faces I saw on my trips to the Souq or villages.

It is amazing how much life you can capture in just a few seconds via brushstrokes and it is a great way to close or open a day!


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