Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Day Of Rest: Time to Reflect

Church From one of this weeks demonstrations
During my February 2012 Watercolour Workshops

I never know what to expect during my workshops. My technique lends itself to painting all subjects such as landscapes, portraits, animals, floral work and still life. My style is effected by my personality and how I see things. I have favourite colour combinations but as time goes by I  discover new pigment interactions that add to my ever growing fascination with watercolour as a medium.

An artist attending one of my workshops this week asked how I would interpret a landscape. I took a familar scene of Jane Austens church in Chawton, Hampshire and began a quick demonstration by painting the spire. I loved the idea that sunlight could be hitting the structure and enjoyed allowing  a flow to connect my focal point with the background connecting my composition immediately from the onset o fpicking up my brush.

This study took only a few minutes, if that, to achieve an idea  for a larger painting. So much can be learned by observing architecture and bringing it to life with unique results in watercolour. I rarely share my landscape work but may in the future.

For now I have several major exhibitions to work for  which means my subject choices will be quite different. I will be sharing news of my 2012  exhibitions and art events soon. But for  now I am going to enjoy my studio and the  watercolour collection that is  filling the once clear room.


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