Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday, Monday.

Atmospheric Watercolours
My new book which will be launched im May 2012
Full details will be on my web site soon.

It is the start of a new week and whilst I was hoping to enjoy painting in my studio so much needs to be organised for my 2012 programme. I have a list of art events that are already in my diary which will be updated to my web site in March.

I am preparing for several exhibitions  which will take place throughout the year including an exciting solo showcasing my new subjects.

I'm making flight arrangements for my 2012 USA tour in October and am working on my 2013 Australia and New Zealand plans for next year.

Sadly I have had to turn down several invitations this year as I made a wise decision to allow studio time to paint for galleries and exhibitions.  This is a situation that probably hits many established professional artists. Whilst we are all so eager to share our passion for art it is vital to have quality painting time as an individual also.

Finding a balance between exhibitions, workshops, writing, demonstrating, touring and painting isn't easy. Requests to judge art competitions,to sit on art councils and look into my own product range have come my way. These are all invitations I would have once absolutely loved to receive. But there is only so much time in a day and I have needed to prioritise this year.

What has always come first is my love of watercolour. So for now I am  going to paint, enjoy moving my brushes, prepare for my 2012 exhibitions and the filming of my new DVD which takes place next month.

And love every minute of being an artist. 

But I can see how  quickly you can become distracted from your goals!


Full details of my 2012 exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations will be shared on my web site

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