Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Elephants Return

Elephant Washes using techniques from my new book
"Atmospheric Watercolours" which will be available later this year.

Maybe when you are really passionate about art there is always a thirst to experiment with the aim to achieving something completely new in your work. I paint so many subjects as my style lends itself to seeing colour and light as opposed to trying to capture a direct form.

I see and feel what I am looking at as a moment in time and I try to capture the essence of that emotion in my work. For me, it isn't enough to paint a scene that a viewer can look at and enjoy. I want more. I continually strive to improve my techniques,  I consistently add to my existing way of working so that each time I pick up my brush feel I have gained a new insight into ways to paint my favourite subjects.

One of which is elephants which I haven't shared for some time. All my friends have expected to see many flowers in my studio due to my many recent blog posts of snowdrops, primroses, roses and the recent bouquet.  In reality I have cockerels, owls and elephants on the go plus a few hares that are watching me as I work.  The owls eyes are amazing as they really do follow me as I walk around the room. I can literally stand at any point in my studio and feel they are watching me. The hare look as though they will leap off the paper and race away whilst the elephants have been almost screaming at me to complete them rather than leave such exciting washes ready for final touches to be added.
I have an exciting new texture technique which I have shared in my new book and it lends itself to architecture and older animals or portraits. The  hide of an elephant is perfect for it!

Elephant coming to life in a first wash,small study.
N:B If you are interested in the shades used in these paintings they are Winsor&Newton Cadmiun Violet,Cerulean Blue, French Ultramarine Blue,Cadmium Orange and Opera Rose  in small amounts.

You can read more about my new book via this link.

Contents Include: 

Introduction:The Creative Journey, East Meets West, Philosophy, Losing the cage, Taking the First Steps, Materials, Getting excited about colour, Choosing what to paint, Getting started, 

Watercolour Secrets: Introduction, Glorious washes, Making washes work, Magical watercolour flow, Working from a starting point, Sunbursts, Positive negativity, Atmospheric illusions, Suggestive seduction,  

Hotting It Up,: Introduction, Energy washes (ending with the Venetian technique), 

Finishing Touches: Introduction, Composition, Capturing the essence, Light and life, Great connections

Lasting touch: An artist’s journey, Evolving as an artist, Jeanisms.


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