Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Atmospheric Watercolours : Final Proof Copy

The final proof copy of my new book arrived yesterday

I wonder how many artists who would like to be authors realise how much work is involved in pulling a book together. Long before it is written the seed of an idea is planted in your head.  You then need discipline to complete the project, having consistent time to not only paint the images but obviously to also  work on the text.  When the project is complete you may think that is it but that is when the hard work really begins.

Proof reading takes time and there will always be last minute decisions to make. This week for the first time I held the glossy pages of my new book in my hands and they looked glorious! I proof read each page,checked the colour images against the real paintings and finally signed my approval for my book to go to print.

I must admit I felt very emotional signing the approval forms. I know there is no turning back now. This is it and my book will be available and read later this year. The minute I hold a bound copy in my hands for the first time I will be racing to my blog to share the news.

The best feeling of all is knowing that this is a book I would want to buy and own. It is one I will, even as the writer, return to for inspiration at those times when I feel I need that extra push or motivational direction. For the beginner it gives ideas and hope of what can be achieved by following simple easy step by step  exercises. For the more professional and advanced artist there are sections that aim to  make you stretch yourself jumping out of what you know you can do into the realms of exploring what you may have thought impossible for your style or personality. It is aimed at watercolour addicts, old and new to the medium.

Thank you so much to everyone who is  with me on this wonderful journey into being an author for the second time and thank you also to those wonderful artists who have already pre ordered a copy!




Artes sem fronteiras said...

Very beautiful, thank you.

Jean Haines SWA said...

Thank you so much