Monday, 3 June 2013

Here Comes Summer

Studio collection developing on my easel after painting in the garden

I adore days like this. I have been sitting in sunshine and painting the flowers in my garden. I am still fascinated by the Veronica plants. The Hydrangea in the patio pot is beautiful too but now the Iris have come out near my pond. As fast as I paint one thing another catches my eye.  I have bright red peony, pink and purple rhodedendron and vibrant allium. I want to paint them allor at least capture them in quick experimental washes.  I wonder how many I can paint before the sun goes in!

It is a floral day. 
It is a fabulous summers day. 
And my happy mood is reflected in my brushstrokes.

Whatever the weather,enjoy your day and sieze that moment to paint!


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Anonymous said...

Great post and you're right, I think your good mood is captured in the relaxed and serene feel of these paintings.