Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Veronica : Inspired by Nature

"Angelic Morning"
Inspired by Veronica Flowers

I really have had to sit and study Veronica flowers as they are new to me. I love how their tiny spikes stand amongst the perrenial plants in my garden and move in the breeze. Tiny cup shapes of  almost white flowers stand proudly along the slim stems, which are headed by a thin cluster of buds. I have loved how they seem to "float" rather than be attached to the main stem. so I have aimed  at creating that feeling in this piece. It is a favourite of mine from todays' painting session because I had one of those gorgeous "Light Bulb" moments that artists get from time to time and I am dying to share my discovery in my new book which I am working on at the moment.

I am calling this "Angelic Morning" because it was so peaceful to work on and when I look at it I feel peaceful, full of a quiet calm that could be sensed as if in a church.

Sometimes we need to spend more  time looking at our subjects than painting them if we wish to improve our art. And whilst my ankle has been broken I have had plenty of time to do just that. Sit and look!


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