Monday, 3 June 2013

Gorgeous Hydrangea in Watercolour

Hydrangea in Watercolour

When the sun shines how can anyone not race outside to paint? The light is different in Summer. The colours are glowing, fresh and vibrant and an energy abounds that makes you feel so good!

I've been held back so much over the last few weeks as my broken ankle isn't allowing me to move around or as independantly as I would like. Painting in the garden means asking for help to carry my art materails to where I want to sit. But the problem is once I have painted one subject and the light has moved I want to sit somewhere else and paint something new!

Today the weather is glorious and I am making the most of the suns rays. I am allowing them to fall across my paper to bring each new subject to life. I am listening to birds singing and  adoring the warmth on my shoulders as I work. So shades of yellow , no matter how subtle, will be in every painting today!

I love hydrangea and they are my new favourite subject.


I have several floral paintings currently on show at The Frame Gallery in Odiham,  Hampshire and the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Surrey. Please see my web site for details.

Artists Tip of the Day ? :  Enjoy Seasons and paint everything as and when it turns you on. Tomorrow you'll feel like painting something else and you could miss or lose  your enthusiasm of today!

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Brotesdeternura said...

This wash is fabulous! when in your first book (my Bible) You say: "Choosing the right colour and brushstrokes for an initial wash can make a dramatic difference, giving amazing results that can seem far more alive and vibrant". This is an excellent example. My favorite flowers! Thanks for share. Grace