Monday, 3 June 2013

Patchings 2013 ;Update Friday 7th June


Patchings 2013
NOW :  Friday 7th June All Day 

Originally I had been invited to demonstrate at Patchings  on every single day this year with two demonstrations on the Saturday, one on  Thursday and one on Sunday. Unfortunately life threw a hiccup my way by my accident and sadly, I will now only be able to be there on Friday 7th June. I will be there all day in my own marquee as a special guest artist invited by Patchings.

I will be there from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. and  I am looking forward to meeting everyone who visits on that day.

I have had so many emails from artists who had booked tickets to see me demonstrating with my publisher on the Thursday and I really am  sorry and hugely disappointed not to be able to make it. There are several problems that are preventing me coming. Firstly I cannot stand for very long due  to my broken ankle. This means I can't demonstrate to a large crowd as happened last year when I was there. Both demonstrations were sold out and there was standing room only.  I know that if I sat down people at the back of the tent wouldn't see a thing! Secondly I have my next appointment with my specialist on Thursday which is important for my moving forward with physiotherapy and being able to walk again. Having said that my husband has kindly agreed to drive me to Patchings immediately after my hospital appointment so that I will be there  on Thursday night, ready for the Friday. And that is sdaly all I am allowed to do at the moment.

I do hope to meet all the artists who said they wished to see me there on another occasion.

For anyone who had booked a ticket for a day I am now not there I really am so very sorry to miss you.

To those who are coming on Friday, I can't wait to meet you.



Ian McKendrick said...

Looking forwards to meeting you at Patchings, maybe you can spare me a few moments to interview you about your passion for watercolour. Get well soon, all the best, Ian

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hi Ian, I would love to meet you and absolutely I can find time for an interview. See me in my marquee on Friday? Jean