Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Rose A Day

Rose study taking shape
 Quick Exercise

Life often is too busy to give us a chance to paint every day. I too have this problem due to gallery deliveries, administration for UK and abroad, plus  my writing. Often when I would far rather be in my studio painting. Obviously I have daily chores too that need attention! But no matter how busy I am I always find time to pick up my brush even if it is just for five minutes. At the moment I am still loving the bouquet of roses given to me by a neighbour which has renewed my passion for painting them. Above is a sweet little study that only took a few minutes this morning. It isn't intended as a piece to be framed but it kept me feeling happy because I had found time to paint. I also know if I keep painting small studies by the time I am ready for a larger painting when the time is right, peaceful and without life getting in the way I will be raring to go.

Artist Tip for the Day : Make the most of a few minutes every day to improve your art and keep your enthusiasm for painting at a high level!

There is an exercise for painting roses on my first DVD "Amazing Ways With Watercolour" available via this link



Anonymous said...

Hello Jean !
I'm Valerie, from France and I would write to you to tell you my admiration...I am amazed by the way you paint and I love all your paintings, each is so vivid and touching...
thank you for allowing me to share this... it's a real pleasure !

I bought 2 of your books and today, I 've painted a rooster and a owl...
It's not perfect and probably you will laugh if you will see its on my blog...
but it was a great moment of freedom for me... a real, real pleasure !

many thanks for all !!!!
My blog: htpp://

Shelley Whiting said...

This watercolor is very lovely and stunning. I love how it fades into the picture.