Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sweet Pea and the Doll

Sweet Pea painted this afternoon

This is more of a story than my usual blog post of watercolours. I was painting these this afternoon and the flowers  I worked on brought back a childhood memory that I feel like sharing.

When I was a little girl I was brought up with my Grandparents. My Grandfather loved gardening and each year would have rows of gorgeous sweet peas whose beautiful scent filled the air on summer days. I loved the flowers and their delicate colours so much. The biggest treat for me then would be when I was allowed to pick just one or two  flowers which my Gradafther would then add to his carefully picked bunch to bring into the house we lived in. The sweet pea display were his pride and joy every year.

I used to hold little dolls tea parties on the lawn in the garden at the back of the house. My Grandmother never allowed other children to visit so I was always alone  except for my toys. A teddy bear named Rupert and a doll called Rosebud. Rosebud was a black doll with soft, curly hair. I had little cups and saucers and played endlessly with my "friends".

One day I couldn't find Rosebud. I searched everywhere for her and a hush fell in the house when I asked where she was. When I eventually wandered around the garden I looked up and saw her head perched on top of a sweet pea pole. My Grandfather had placed it there to scare the birds away. Crying wasn't allowed and so I cuddled my teddy bear and kept him hidden for fear he would face the same fate!

It is amazing how memories can flood back when we paint quietly. I still adore sweet peas and as I love my own garden so much now, I have forgiven my Grandfather. Come to think of it I have never had a doll since, maybe they bring back that bodyless image!

I hope you like my sweet pea painting, their perfume is filling my studio and tomorrow I will be completing my collection of watercolours of them



Brotesdeternura said...

What a beautiful story so full of sweetness! Would love to see that scene in a painting, you little, taking tea with dolls and frame surrounded by multicolored sweet peas. I imagine as wonderful as the child on the beach. Admiration. Grace

Anonymous said...

Great story Jean and the paintings are so life like! Can't wait to see the finished products over the weekend.

Sheila said...

These are so lovely Jean. Thank you for sharing your memory with us.

a woman who is said...

My memories of days in the garden with my grandmother coming flooding back when I see and smell certain flowers too. Now I have tea parties with my grand babies and holly hock dolls are always invited. I just got through watching your DVD. I need to paint in my garden tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your talent and memories with us!

Anonymous said...

Astonishingly life-like and beautiful, Jean.