Saturday, 8 June 2013

Patchings 2013 Special Guest Artist

  Before the Crowds arrive
Patchings Art Festival 2013
Special Guest Artist Marquee.

 Yesterday I was a special guest artist for Patchings Art Festival. Earlier this year I was thrilled to recieve an invitation to be a  selected special guest artist and have my own marquee. So arrived very early to set up yesterday morning. My fantastic husband did most of the work at this stage because I am still hobbling around with my broken ankle.  I was delighted to see my publisher who came to check I was alright before the day started. Everyone was  very impressed with my outift, chosen to disguise the fact I was wearling a huge black protective boot  for my broken ankle. I can hobble around without crutches quite well on flat surfaces but the grounds at Patchings set me a new challenge!

In the morning I sat at my table easel to paint as I still can't stand for long periods. I was amazed to turn around and find my marquee already filled with fantastic art lovers. All enthusiastic about working in watercolour. I honestly feel its a privilege to be able to share a passion with like minded people and Patchings is a centre for just that. Swapping ideas and demonstrating how you work which I did with gusto. I loved the laughter, smiles and great questions throughout the day.

  Demonstrating at Patchings Art Festival 2013

 Demonstrating my techniques.

 My followers will be sure to notice the Scmincke Transparent Orange in my demonstrations, the shade that I love so much but I wonder how many visitors yesterday will know what my new favourite Daniel Smith shades are?

 Surrounded during a demonstration, a fantastic day and great feeling to be in a marquee full of watercolour lovers.

 The big black boot protecting my broken ankle.

 I will confess, my smile lasted all day and I loved demonstrating and meeting watercolour lovers at Patchings yesterday. But my broken ankle is  resting today as it probably was a bit ambitious on my part for my stage of recovery. Even so I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

To everyone who came thank you so much for saying hello and to everyon who has asked about workshops please mail me on !



Anonymous said...

For the many artists that could not attend this event, please tell us what your favorite Daniel Smith colors are. Thanks :)

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hi Lorraine, thats a great idea and I will be sharing them very soon!