Sunday, 2 June 2013

Inspired by Nature

Experimental Wash for Veronica Plants.
Vibrant Wash

I have always believed that nature is the very best inspirational teacher for my art.  I see so much daily that tempts my brushes and as I admired my garden this morning the tall stems of the Veronica plant dancing above its foliage really caught my eye. The darker background from dense planting seems to set off the gorgeous pale blue hues of the petals.

 Veronica Plant
Soft Wash

Veronica Flowers

I have several washes on the go. One is  where I have deliberately worked a negtaive edge around the tiny flower shapes. See the image below.  Another is a beautiful delicate wash, above, where I have immediately  worked around the soft flowers, in places. Sitting in sunshine and just enjoying colour and form is so relaxing and a great way to spend a few hours on a peaceful Sunday

Flowers worked by leaving white paper and using hard edges of a negative shape to create them.
This is a whisper of a first wash


When you look at flowers it is so easy to choose one to paint that is familiar to you. Maybe one that you have painted many times before and know that you will get a reasonable result. But the most magical of adventures in art is painting something new to you.Something you think you cannot paint because then you often find your observation skills are at their highest and you focus.

Artists Tip for the Day? Try something new, be bold and enjoy studying a fabulous new subjects which in turn will encourage you to try even more new subjects in future!

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