Saturday, 22 June 2013


Roses in a vase

Yesterday a wonderful neighbour and friend came to visit me to discuss camera options as they are thinking of buying one like mine. They came bearing gifts in the form of sweet scented roses from their garden.  I couldn't resist painting them this morning.  I had arranged them in a tall thin vase and the composition was so pleasing to my eye that I loved looking at them to observe their form. Just like portraits, all flowers have differences. Colourings,proportions and petal shapes are fascinating to study.

As my own roses are flowering in my garden I have a feeling many more rose paintings will be following!

Thank you to everyone who is enjoying my "How To Paint Roses in a Loose Style" blog post. It is still a very firm favourite out of all my posts. Now its time to get painting roses again and capture not just their beauty but their sweet perfume too.


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