Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Foxgloves 2013

First Stage
Foxglove in watercolour 

I sat in my garden and painted several studies of foxgloves over the weekend while the sun shone. Today its a real treat to enjoy the same paintings in various stages of development. In the collection I have many differing views of each flower. The painting above is, so far, one of my favourites. This lovely foxglove has managed to seed itself near an old, garden shed and is bursting into the light from shadows cast by the building.

I will be working on a series of these flowers this week and enjoying them while they are at their best in my garden.

Painting from life is always far more interesting than working from photographs which I avoid as much as possible. I often wander around exhibitions and its' quite often very easy to  see which artists work from real life or not. Please paint what you see from life as often as you can as it  definitely improves your  ability to not only paint, but see great colour combinations and light effects. 



Kat Farmer/van Hookens said...

...love foxgloves too, my gardens filled with them at the mo, but the weathers not been kind, so wet, I like loose watercolours, but with so much rain, I think they fall right off my paper. Anyways, must agree, nothing beats plein air painting, always enjoy coming to look at your paintings :-)

Diana said...

amazing. you are so inspiring.love,Diana