Saturday, 8 June 2013

Foxgloves 2013

 Foxglove washes on my easel from an hour painting in the garden this afternoon.

It is a glorious Summer day and as I am under orders to rest my foot I have sat quietly painting the first foxgloves that are coming into flower in my garden. The sun has shone on my shoulders and I have enjoyed looking at the tall foxglove plants in various stages of flowering. Some foxgloves are still in tight bud whilst others are already giving a fantastic display.

I did say while I was demonstrating at Patchings yesterday that I had a fantastically vibrant new colour that I have fallen  in love with. It is in all of these paintings and I am hooked! But its' far too nice outside to be sat inside typing on my blog so I am going back out to enjoy painting in sunlight!

Have a fantastic day and I hope you too find new colours that you can't live without!

Early stages of a foxglove painting in watercolour

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Sheila said...

Jean these are so lovely! :)