Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rose and Bee in Watercolour

Sweet Scent
 Rose and Bee in Watercolour

I have spent the most amazing day again painting in my garden. I started this morning with an appointment at the hospital to see the physiotherapist and they are really impressed with my progress. I see the specialist on Thursday and I am hoping he will be telling me good news on when I can walk unaided and minus the huge hospital boot I wear to protect my broken ankle.  I followed my appointment by delivering paintings to The Frame Gallery in Hampshire currently hosting  my latest solo exhibition. Within an hour of delivery I heard one of the new paintings I  had taken in had sold, a favourite of mine. As it was a floral piece I was thrilled to hear the news and delighted to be working on new flower paintings for a series.

I seem to be addicted to painting bees at the moment. They are in every single painting I create. This afternoon they settled on a very early rose in my garden. My mind was distracted  from the rose painting I was working on and I soon gave most of my focus to the small bees instead. So much so a piece of paper by my side soon became covered in bee studies.


 It truly is amazing what captures an artists eye and becomes a fixation for painting as a subject. I imagine I may be painting spiders next! Whatever you are doing, enjoy it. Life is far too short to be miserable, worried or serious all the time. Try not to be too bee-sy!


I am thrilled my "How to Paint Roses in a Loose Style" step by step is still being enjoyed on my blog. Summer is approaching so its a great time to get busy painting them again.

Happy Painting!

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Mosaic Mouse Japanese Paper said...

This is absolutely beautiful. It is winter here in Australia and I am loving seeing the beautiful summer colour that inspires you in your garden. Love the bees too!