Monday, 6 February 2012


East Meets West
Chinese Inks on Watercolour

I am constantly meeting so many artists who are not enjoying painting. The challenges and goals they set themselves are so high that they load unecessary pressure onto their shoulders to succeed.

My time living in Asia taught me how to respect and enjoy moving my brush. My paintings could be simple compositions or complex.  But each brushstroke had to tell a story.

Looking at the snow outside it seemed only logical that at some point today I would place a layer of violet shades to portray what I was seeing from my window to depict the cold, icy weather. But a shrub with wonderful formations on the branches moved as  the light changed this afternoon. I painted what I saw using my Asian brushwork techniques and this simple movement had led me to a million ideas for further paintings.

Painting what we see,simply and when we see it is  such a great exercise to improve our sight, spontaneous interpretation and art.

I loved painting this piece.



Anne said...

Dear Jean,
Thank you for sharing your lovely blog! Just got back to blogging myself (and painting again, soon, I hope), and was so glad to find yours!

Jean Haines SWA said...

You have a wonderful Blog Anne,thank you so much for leaving a comment because I am thrilled to have met you albeit online,

Best wishes and happy blogging


Unknown said...

I can't thank you enough for sharing your thoughts on this subject and showing us how stunning SIMPLE can be! It was as if you were answering my question today. I love this painting!!

All the Best,

Klang said...

Dear Jean,

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and seeing your artworks "in progress." It was especially interesting to see your use of ink with watercolor - as this is also one of my favorites. I love that slender line between control and chance when working wet in wet. Great fun!
Thanks for your inspiration.

Elena said...

So beautiful simplicity, Jean!
Nice composition, lovely spontaneous brushstrokes. Last time I try to use a style of Chenese brush painting. But my works are not nice yet :)
Love your blog, thank you, Jean.

Jean Haines SWA said...

Hello Sher

I often think we over complicate life and art,missing so much beauty by doing so. Simple subjects can be so calming and peaceful to work with.

Thank you so much for your reply as I very nearly didn't share this painting on my blog,


Jean Haines SWA said...


Thank you so much for a thoughtful reply. Living in Asia greatly affected how I compose a painting and use the space for my subjects.

I use ink so rarely but when I do I love the dram it gives in a result.

It sgreat to see you here an dthank you agan for leaving a reply,