Sunday, 12 February 2012

Out Of The Ordinary

Carnation Rhapsody

I have always looked for the unusual when  creating in watercolour. I can't see the point in painting an exact replica of what I see as that will already have been done a million times before me and by far better artists than I. So to paint a flower, as I have done this week, in a composition that carries meaning or excitement I have to look for something new. Something intangible that makes my heart race whilst I am moving my brushes. If I didn't I could become bored and lose interest in my own career yet alone lose the interest of others who  let me know they enjoy my style.

I have loved working on my new floral series this week.  Each day I have painted gorgeous flowers from life in my studio. The  weather here is  now very cold. Outside there is snow on the ground. The skies are violet and carry that feeling of more snow on the way.

I used this wintery atmosphere in my work today and painted a cool background for my arrangement of  carnations in this new composition. Although the green foliage in my previous work was so fresh and delicate,this new painting is far more unusual and carries a higher impact when you walk into my art room.

It isn't an expected colour combination and it works really well because of this fact.

We can all paint what we see. But to paint from our own imagination takes us into the realms of being an artist on a whole new level. It leads us into originality which I adore.

The best tip I can give anyone learning who paints, no matter what your level is, please forget trying to paint only what you see. Add another dimension by being unique and aim for the more unsuual.You could be surprised in your results if you do.



Unknown said...

Hi Jean,

I love how you push the norm (green background) and make a painting more exciting and vibrant. Perfection!

Happy Painting,

corinne60 said...

waouuuuuuuuuuuh I like them..very beautifull and lifefull!