Sunday, 12 February 2012

Polo At Windsor

Study of a Polo Player
Alexandra in Action
Every year we are invited to watch our friends wonderful daughter, Alexandra play polo. It is an event I always look forward to and the weather was delightful when we last arrived for a match. The speed of the ponies is incredible. They are far smaller than the horses I normally paint in my horse racing scenes and I am finding their movements and agility fascinating to capture in watercolour.

This is the beginning of a fabulous new collection that will be available in an exhibition later this year. I will be sharing details on my web site and blog but until the Private Viewing many of my paintings will be kept firmly under wraps to ensure the opening is full of surprises.

I am never  happier than when I am painting action scenes that hold a great sense of life, energy and excitement in them. This is going to be a wonderful year to achieve just that.


Brotesdeternura said...

I'm passionate about polo scenes are very difficult to capture, there are many elements at play, I made ​​some attempts but is an issue that I have also studied. Congratulations for this scene is really fantastic as it surely will be your new collection. You have a wonderful style and does not fail in any subject! It's because you let your soul and passion in each, that comes to us as viewers. Grace

De Wilde said...

I love the energy in this painting.