Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Day Of Rest

Colours flowing with light and life in a spring medley of  daffodils

I have been thinking about the Spring flowers that will be appearing shortly in my garden. Frost has already hit the blossoms that decided to appear far too early. Nature seems to have designed the garden plants so that they show at their best  during certain times of the year.  Each season brings with it new palette choices and subject material. All of which I am  very keen to capture in watercolour.

But I don't think it is just the bulbs that need a rest before flowering at their best. I believe artists also need a well deserved break from their brushes and easels. It is times when we are not painting that we can see more clearly in our minds what we are desperately trying to achieve.

I decided long ago that I don't want to just capture an image in watercolour on paper. I truly want to find a way to bring it to life so that is unique to me in style . Also I want the viewer of my work to feel emotion behind my brushstrokes, so that they know I wasn't painting merely for the sake of it, but because I adore working in this medium.

It is very easy for a professional to get entrapped into working for sales alone which in turn can reduce even the most talented of artists to  do what I sadly see so often.  Paintings churned out, one after the other purely for the goal of yet another sale. This can kill the artistic soul of yearning to paint a composition that holds a sense of something new.

I have taken a wonderful day out in sunshine to consider what I am going to be doing this week.  I have project decisions to make that are really important. I won't race into anything even though some of the offers that have recently come my way have been incredible. What I really want for 2012 is a goal of painting at my best and hopefully inspiring others around me to do the same.

It has given me time to reflect and think about  not just one but all of my tomorrows, all of which I am going to fill very wisely!

Spring Fusions of Gorgeous Daffodil Washes adorning my easel


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