Friday, 27 January 2012

The Unexpected

Close up of a New Painting of Primroses
I love painting shadows so the fall of  soft violet over one face of a flower is really pleasing to my eye.

Sometimes when everything is going so beautifully the unexpected will take you by surprise as it did to me this week. A hurried race to hospital in severe pain started my early morning on Monday and I was kept in for observation. After x-rays, and rest I was allowed to come home. I am really relieved to say the pain is now subsiding and on treament I feel fine again. I have had to take an unplanned break which has given me time to enjoy looking forward to my year and what is planned.

Sometimes not being able to paint is a good thing.We have more time in our minds to see what we want to achieve. I have a full year ahead with some really wonderful exhibitions which I plan to only show exciting work in. Which means I will be loving my time in the garden and nearby locations painting what I enjoy most, from life in amazingly different lights and with a feeling of movement in my brushstrokes capturing what I see in unique results.

In my imagination I see all the gorgeous Spring Flower paintings yet to be approached lightly and in stunning  colours that scream the time of year.

On my positive, as always note, I am so lucky.

It was a good time to be taken ill as this is my quiet month mainly set aside for administration. It is a great time to  recover well and a brilliant time to rest when  the flora and fauna is yet to  come into full bloom.

Spring Posy appearing in watercolour



Sally King said...

Jean, so glad it was nothing too serious. We can't just hope it will go away some times. You were so right to have yourself checked out. We love you. Stay well. God bless. You bring beauty to the world.
Sally King

Lisa Graham Art said...

Glad you are okay.

Jean Haines SWA said...

Thank you so much Sally,it was a very frightening time. And makes me appreciate my heath all the more now I am over last week!

Thank you so much for caring:)