Sunday, 29 January 2012

SFP ,The Society Of Floral Painters 2012

First Study of Witchhazel 2012

Yesterday I attended my first meeting  with the SFP,Society of Floral Painters. I drove to Salisbury and walked into a truly warm welcome from familar faces and made many new friends who like me have a passion for painting flowers. To hear my name called when I entered the room was a really welcome feeling so thank you to the wonderful artists who  made the day even more memorable.

It is funny how life tends to lead us in the directions we are maybe destined for. I have adored painting flowers ever since I was around five years old. I lived with my Grandparents at the time and my Grandfather was an incredible gardener. I vividly remember his floral beds of brilliant colours throughout the year.  I also remember childhood walks in the counrtyside, taking time to enjoy the  wild flowers along the deserted country lanes. I can't help but realise how fortunate I am as then computers were not the way to spend hours on end. Instead I was growing up in an era when fresh air and nature were  to be appreciated and cherished.

I think this is the time in my life when I started getting lost in what I was admiring! I would constantly leap into my own little world and imagine how I would draw or paint what I was seeing when I got home. Yesterday the  very same thing happened.

After a wonderful lunch with the society we were treated to a short talk where specimens of plants were handed around for  close examination. I fell in love with the witchhazel sprigs and found myself placing them against the restaurant wall behind where I was seated to see which colour would act as a background. For a few minutes I was completely lost to the world as I worked out how I would paint such a complex and delicate sample.

I couldn't wait to get home and race to my studio this morning!

Witchhazel Close up of a section.
I am  really happy with the light and flow in this first study so will devote some time to painting this  plant seriously later in the week ahead.

For my blog readers who haven't a clue what witch hazel looks like,I can only describe it as spidery formations along twigs. They are beautifully scented and fascinating to look at and feel.  This was just the boost I needed as I have become a little bogged down with painting things I know recently. To paint something that everyone tells me is not an easy subject stretched my imagination to the point my enthusiasm is flying right now!

A real Witchhazel plant against my painting.

Joining the Floral Society has given me a sense of  coming home. I started my art career as a botanical artist and at last I can thoroughly enjoy participating  in exhibitions that share a very favourite part of my life.

To Libby,a special thank you for telling me about the Society and encouraging me to join.
To Libby, Sharon, Chrissie, Anne,Carol and Lissie thank you for a wonderful day yesterday and I look forward to seeing you again,very soon.

Sharon, I am smiling. I hope you are too because yes, I painted the witchhazel today! 
I knew I would!



Stilin Studio said...

Utterly beautiful! You and your work are so uplifting and inspiring!

Lisa Graham Art said...

It is amazing the sharp details you accomplished in this floral. I think that it looks hard to do...if I were to attempt a fine detailed flower of any kind it would just look like a smudge. I am very impressed with your skill.