Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday: A Day Of Rest

Simple Church Study

I live not far away from Jane Austens home in  Chawton.  There is a beautiful church in the village that has always attracted my brush and I have painted it over the years in many  different ways. But today I really was simply playing with watercolour and gaining a few ideas for my week ahead. I am so fortunate in that we are surrounded by beautiful churches with incredible architecture.

This really is a very simple study, not intended as a finished painting. It is more of an exploration into working with a landscape.

I keep small pieces of watercolour paper for moments like this. Days when I know I should take a complete break but in my heart know that would be impossible. I am a true addict when it comes to working with my favourite medium.

Tomorrow will come and I know my studio is ready, my easel awaits with a clean fresh piece of large paper.

You can read about Jane Austens home in Hamphsire via this link.


Nanette said...

I love this church study Jean! I received an iPad as a gift and from the bookstore downloaded Jane Austen's complete works and just finished reading them a couple of days ago (some I have read several times). When I am not able to paint or I am in a slump, I find reading an author who is able to use their words like a brush to paint their story can satisfy that empty spot not filled up by being creative. You live in such a magical place, so rich in beauty and history. Thank you for sharing with us.

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is such a lovely painting. I really like the rich tones you used. At first glance I thought it was a castle in the distance. I suppose some churches are like castles.

Greetings from Wichita, Kansas!