Monday, 30 January 2012

Catkins or Lambs Tails 2012

Catkins in Morning Sunlight
Still wet on my easel

Walking my dog Bailey is a wonderful way to start my day. I see so many subjects in the countryside just begging to be painted and I usually end up carrying something small home to work on as a warm up exercise each day.

Today I couldn't resist the catkins that are dangling from twigs and moving in breezes. They are a delight in formation so after yesterdays fun session painting witchhazel the colours from my palette and technique lent themselves to this new idea for a composition today.

I can't emphasise the value of painting daily even if it is just small studies for practise or observational purposes.

I am fascinated by light so I will be working on some larger compositions later this week and as always I can't wait for my day to begin tomorrow when I can race eagerly to my studio and  paint whatever tomorrows treasure will be. 

Knowing me, it could be absolutely anything at all!

Light falling on Spring catkins.


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