Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Vibrant Beginning

Rowan Berries bursting to life in a watercolour
From a workshop demonstration in Autumn 2011

Life is amazing. Mine never seems to have a dull moment in it. 

I have been completing my new book which will be launched in May 2012. This week saw the cover arrive for my approval of design and lay out. Seeing the idea actually in print is a very emotional  moment that always lives with me. I felt nervous when I saw the cover of my first book over a year ago. I thought seeing the cover of my second book would be easier. If anything the nerves are this time far worse. Maybe I expect far too much from myself but I so want this next publication to be as loved as the care I put into bringing it together. It holds many of my favourite watercolour secrets given to me and developed over the years.

Working on this new book has seen me locked in my studio recently but gripped mainly with the proof reading  and making decisions time after time. This has kept me away from what I love doing most of all.

So today I have adored being back in my studio, holding and moving my brushes on a new watercolour collection that will be shown later this year. I delivered the first pieces for framing this afternoon. I have exhibitions lined up throughout the year and the first of my 2012 workshops starts next month. I can't wait as I have so much I wish to share with everyone attending.

I know this is going to be a very special year. I can feel it.The messages and requests coming my way are unbelievable and plans for 2013 are already in the pipeline with a workshop proposal for Australia.

For now all I want to do is paint,and enjoy the sheer pleasure of colour moving across paper.
At last!


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Jenny said...

I can't wait to read it, Jean. I am sure it will be most inspiring for watercolour artists!