Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Spring Again

Primrose Cluster

Amazingly, with frost on the ground, primroses are braving the cold weather and forming clumps of creamy yellow patches in the woodland area of my garden. I hadn't expected to be painting them so early in the year but couldn't resist a first brush with Spring this afternoon.

Last year I painted primroses with many different yellows. I haven't settled on a favourite shade yet so will keep experimenting and sharing my thoughts here on my blog.

I hope my blog readers are also being inspired by nature. It certainly is the best art teacher as the autmun leaves are a great backdrop to my earliest spring paintings! 

Yellow against bright orange? 

Who would have come up with that combination!


corinne60 said...

i like primrose too .................

Jean Haines SWA said...

They are wonderful and perfect for artists as subjects,thank you so much for leaving a reply here Corinne.