Friday, 6 April 2012

Flower Workshop 2012 April

White Narcissi beginning to appear in a wash.

Wow yesterday was a knock out day with a workshop that to me was heavenly. I looked around the room at everyone painting in the afternoon and so wished I could be on the  workshop rather than teaching it, as  all the artists seemed to be having a ball!

Flowers filled the room and we had plenty of choice to paint from life. And what made the day even more magical is that there was not one single photograph being used to work from. I believe this is why the majority of results were light, fresh and exciting in colour.  Painting from life is so much more fsacinating.

I loved the day and wish I could start it all over again. How many artists can say that from their sessions! This was the icing on the cake day of workshops and I can't wait for my next flower session in July.

Thank you to everyone who came and I am really thrilled with how much the session was enjoyed.

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