Monday, 9 April 2012

Textural Madness

Elephants appearing from texture watercolour washes.

Yesterday,on my blog, I shared a spring wash created from vibrant colour and fur from my Bearded Collie. I have loved all the messages by email and comments on my facebook page about alternative ways to create patterns in watercolour washes.

From horse hair to lace and mesh weaves, the suggestions are many  and the possibilities endless in how we can add a further dimension to a simple watercolour background or composition.

In my new book I have a fabulous patternising effect which I call  " The Venetian". I love it which and now use it constantly in my architectural paintings to bring a fascinating result to aged walls or brickwork. But it was my discovery by accident while filming the  demonstrations for my new publication..

Only by exploring can we really find new ways to add drama in our work.

I look forward to hearing more from artists who have that sense of adventure and never settle for what they can do,but continually reach out to discover something new!

Happy exploring!


The count down is on to see who will receive their copy of my new book first, and whose book will I sign first. Its' all so exciting!

Signed copies will be available from my web site and it is also available on many sites such as which can be viewed or pre ordered via this link.

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