Saturday, 7 April 2012

Heaven on Earth : Happy Easter 2012

"Heaven On Earth"
Narcissi Flowers in my latest floral watercolour

It is Easter weekend and one of the oldest Christian festivals. To many it is the most important time of their religious year.  It carries feelings of hope, new life and rebirth. To many especially children of all ages all over the world it is a time to  recieve chocolate eggs .

When I think of Easter I connect it with Spring and all the new plants coming to life, vibrant flowers of the season including daffodils and primroses.  As an artist my sense of hope comes from the  feeling of wanting to create a beautiful painting of them. Sometimes an old painting may be reborn the following year by taking an idea from the past and giving it a new twist with my latest techniques and colour combinations.

Easter is like a new beginning for the year ahead as a blank piece of white paper waiting to be  covered with glorious colour.

I am wishing all my blog readers the happiest of Easters with a year ahead filled with fantastic watercolours that sing with life and exciting colour combinations. 
Enjoy your " blank piece of paper "



The painting in this blog post is called " Heaven On earth" because that is just how it felt when I painted it.Peaceful and calm and the flowers just seemed to magically appear one by one. A new favourite painting in my growing collection of art.


Susan Roux said...

These flowers are delicate and poetic. Just lovely. Happy Easter to you too.


wishing you a very happy easter jean...looks and sounds like you had a super week with your spring workshops.