Monday, 2 April 2012

Watercolour Workshops April 2012

April 2012  

This week my Spring workshops begin followed by my Annual Masterclass which takes place next week. Today I will be visiting the florist for my "Sensational Spring Flowers" session and preparing all the images for "Animal Madness " a firm favourite.  I so badly want to paint so I will be envying the lucky artists in  each workshop who have a full day to create because I know these are going to be days to remember for a very long time.

I have always felt passionate about watercolour but I feel at an all time high with so much that is wonderful happening in my life. I am planning to share vibrant colours and the shades that are new to my recent work. I have techniques that have evolved over the last few years that combine with tips in making subjects seem more alive along with ideas regarding compositions to make them even more unique.

My workshops have a goal of giving inspiration and bringing the best artist possible out of  everyone attending. And they always without fail have that motivational effect on myself.  I will be racing to paint without interruption as soon as I am in my studio again.

These are this weeks sessions.

3rd April. Watercolours with Life Spring 2012 FULLY BOOKED
A complete change in our palette as we look at ways to bring vibrancy into our results with zingy fresh shades. However you painted in the past this is a new year and it's time to take a fresh look at how we paint, what we create and how we can improve. Let's go for gold!

4th April. Animal Madness. FULLY BOOKED
The lambs will be jumping in the fields and there will be sparks flying off your brushes in this session. Farm animals, pets ,wildlife. It's all here! Bring your favourite photographs and have a fantastic day to remember. Painting fur? No problem! Eyes that speak to you and are filled with emotion? No problem.

Celebrating the launch of my new DVD on 9th April which covers sheep and a dog as well as a landscape and flowers.

5th April. Sensational Spring Flowers. FULLY BOOKED
The room will be filled as usual at this time of year with a variety of gorgeous spring flowers to work from life with. But we need to paint whole compositions as well as studies of each individual flower. Learn how to paint backgrounds, tips on completing a whole painting and more! A favourite session.


My workshop programme for 2013 is going to be very unique with exciting  theme days and sessions  aimed at having  every artist attending not just enjoying the day but leaving feeling inspired with goals to achieve in the following year.

If you wish to be added to my contact list to  be informed of the new programmes as they become available each year  please email

All courses for 2012 are fully booked but I will be demonstrating at

Banstead Arts Festival  2012
11th May 2012

Patchings Art Festival  2012
Thursday 14th June 2012

SWA, Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2012
Mall Galleries, London


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