Monday, 2 April 2012

Making Seconds Count

White Narcissi

I am in love with Mondays. I have a whole new week ahead and each day is so exciting.

This week I have workshops and I am eager to paint gorgeous spring flowers. I also am eager to paint soft spring lambs, fields of white sheep in sunlight and a white dog with unusual colour combinations.

I imagine painting after painting appearing in glowingly vibrant watercolours.

And I can only achieve that if I get off this computer.

Which reminds me,

Make sure you limit how long you are on your computer too!

I have been advising more than one artist recently on how to improve their art. Most of the time they are on facebook or art sites spending hours posting and replying. As much as this is a wonderful way to stay in touch with artists from all over the world do bear in mind each second you are on the computer is a brushstroke lost on what could have been your next masterpiece!

I am winking because a few artists are going to laugh out loud when they read this blog post and hopefully then race  to paint. There are probably many more reading this post who are smiling thinking this message applies to them.

So let's ALL paint and make each second count!

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