Monday, 2 April 2012

Jean Haines Personalised Watercolour Brush Sets with Rosemary& Co

Jean Haines Personalised Watercolour Brush Sets
Available from Rosemary & Co

I am thrilled with the response from artists who have purchased my personalised brush sets. I designed these brushes for myself as I wanted a mix between a full round brush but with a taper purely because of the Asian influence on my brushwork.  There are so many brushes available on the market but none worked exactly as I wanted them to.

Most of my work  is carried out with a number 10 sable but I pick up fine particles of pigment with a rigger to add hints of colour in tiny sections  with the wet in wet technique.

I am now receiving great feedback from owners of my brush sets and I love artist Sharon Rogers comment in that they feel sensuous to use. They do and that is a perfect description. The sable is soft intentionally so as not to disturb the watercolour washes as a painting develops.

My own stocks sold out on the first day of my adding them to my online shop. Now they are available from Rosemary& Co directly and can be  purchased via this link.

To me they are a blessing as they are such sheer joy to work with.
Thank you to everyone who has placed an order and also taken the time to let me know how much you love them too!


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