Sunday, 1 April 2012

On Angels Wings : Narcissi in Watercolour

Narcissi painting in soft watercolour

It has been such a hectic week again. So much so that I miss time to regularly update my blog as I used to. I am sure many artists are preparing for upcoming shows so understand this is a very special time of year with so much going on.

Even so I took a day out this week as I had invited two close friends to come for lunch and view my new DVD. It is almost a tradition now . We had a wonderful day and I loved their faces as they watched each section of my new film. We celebrated as we were on a high when the film came to an end as we all felt its' magic!

Helen had arrived with a bouquet of  white narcissi. As soon as I saw the blooms I just knew I would have to paint them.  And I did that afternoon. They seemed to softly come to life so easily. Their delicate flower shapes could have seemed complex but in fact they fell into place in my composition.

Their perfume is a delight and it still fills my studio.

Thank you so much Helen for the inspiration. I haven't painted these before and I know this will not be the last time I do.

I absolutely love them!

Thank you!

"On Angels Wings"

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